Natural Aquamarine Crystal Skull


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Stunning Rare Top Quality Aquamarine Crystal Skull 💙

Weight-882 g

Size-L-11cmx Width-7.5cm x H-8.5cm

Aquamarine is an incredibly precious stone that is associated with Atlantis, Neptune and the Temple of the Sea (not to be confused with the Temple of Poseidon!). Neptune is a spiritual planet that many of us trained at before we stepped down for our roles on Earth during this incarnation.

This crystal skull is attuned to the Masters of Neptune, the Temple of the Sea and Ascended Master Poseidon. It is a gentle but incredibly powerful tool for the Light and it contains many keys and codes that will be brought forth in the very near future. The Keeper of this skull will activate these codes upon connection to the crystal.


Love Tim 💙🔱💙



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