It is the merry month of May!

The blossom is on the trees in the UK, the cow parsley is growing in the roadside verges and the birds welcome the sunrise each morning with the most incredible chorus.

April, quite predictably, was a challenging month for us as a collective Light community. The wave of global awakening is taking a pace that is astonishing to witness even from any perspective. 

All around us the Veils of Amnesia are falling away, and the Masters of Earth are rubbing the sleepy dust from their eyes.

Every single one of us working for the Light are masters of our craft. We have trained for countless lifetimes in the most prestigious of spiritual schools and for many this will be the final incarnation in the current cycle. According to our Monadic (higher self/oversoul) we undertake a series of incarnations as training before the Master Incarnation which is where most of us are now.

This lifetime carries the most incredible opportunities for spiritual growth and many of you reading this will be feeling like you are being tested so hard that you are going for a ‘promotion’ of some sort. You are!!

On the 27th April Diana Cooper and I looked at some of the more common schools that we attend and step down through on our way to Earth – and on the 11th we will be visiting part 2 where we will be meeting some powerful Councils of Light that we are all connected with in etheric

The whole point of these spiritual promotions is to gain an incredible amount of progress in a short space of time (one incarnation!) so that we can expand our wings further and shine even brighter. We are far from the limited individuals that we were conditioned to believe in the previous paradigm.

April concluded with two powerful astrological events, the Full Moon in Scorpio which was the ‘Pink Moon’ and Pluto moving into retrograde. The ‘Pink Moon’ name is derived from Native American culture, as bright moonlight shines down upon the beautiful pink phlox flowers that carpet the North-Eastern US territories at this time of year.

Many of us moon-sensitives found this combination hard hitting as the ascension downloads were increasing rapidly anyway. A Scorpio Moon will ask us to dig in and release the old/stuck energies that are rising to the surface to reveal themselves.

The Pluto Retrograde is a different matter altogether and it began on the 27th of April and concludes on the 6th of October. Pluto is the planet of deep transformation and while most of us are already managing our own processes quite nicely this Retrograde will be taking aim at the aspects of our world that are still clinging on to 3D. Pluto does not hold back.

You might be asking yourself ‘how much more assistance do the sleeping need to wake up?’ and the answer is a lot.

The communities of our world have been enrolled in 3D Earth School for a very long time, and the spell that was created to create the perfect circumstances is difficult to alchemise.

This coming month will see more of our brothers and sisters waking up, but we will also be witness to those who don’t wish to step into their higher aspects. This is ok… everyone on Earth signed specific soul agreements to experience their learning conditions, and it is up to us to honour those agreements even if they do not resonate with us.

There are some fabulous events to attend this month! As well as the second Councils of Light, David Essery and I will be working with two of the most amazing Archangels in the third part of our Beloved Archangels series. 

You are welcome to join us to connect to the powerful, loving energies of Archangels Michael and Gabriel in a way that will assist you to grow personally and energetically –

On the 17th May I will be working with the wonderful Yasmin Ibrahim to look at how we can manage these new energetic circumstances easily –

On the 31st May I am taking us back to the Heart to learn how to effectively connect with our highest state of consciousness that is available to us – 

Keep your Light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp! 

Sending you all so much love,

Tim Whild. 

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