Authenticity and Your Inalienable Rights – Friday Ascension Update with Tim Whild

This video looks at how we are being challenged to stand in our authenticity and exercise our inalienable rights as Sovereign Beings.

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The Twelve Decrees (For Fifth-Dimensional Living) via Polaris AB

Tim presents twelve powerful but simple decrees brought through by Paul Dobree-Carey –…

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The Era of Loving Non-Compliance

Today Tim is broaching the subject of loving non-compliance and how we as Lightworkers respond to the scenarios we are being presented with.

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Using Light to Dissolve Illusions and Distractions

Join Tim for a Meditation Monday that uses light to dissolve illusions, distractions, drama and other 3D ‘party invitations’ that are increasing at the moment.

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New Moon and ‘Operation Cagebreaker’

This morning Tim is looking at the New Moon and the energies that are building to carry us through the next 6 months!

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Serapis Bey and the Pure White Ascension Flame of Atlantis

Join Tim, Serapis Bey and Archangel Gabriel with a powerful connection to the Pure White Atlantean Ascension Flame. Perfect for kickstarting your week!

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Claiming your Sovereignty

We are moving through the Ascension Gateway of Sovereignty at the moment and Tim is looking at how this is being presented and the best way for us to navigate it.

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Activating your Golden Crown

Happy 1st March! It is exactly a year since I started heading outside to record these videos regularly and I’d like to start this month with a blessing from Archangel Jophiel who oversees the development of the fifth-dimensional Crown Chakra.

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Dealing with Soul Fatigue

Tim is looking at the subject of Soul fatigue, why we might be feeling it and how to navigate it with our Soul path accelerating so quickly!

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7 Days of Light

This video calls in light from the Seven Suns over 7 days! The best way to start any morning is by raising your light levels just a little bit higher than you are used to.

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