A Blessing from Grace Elohim

I’ll be back to my normal routine next week but for now, here is ‘Meditation Wednesday’ with a blessing from the Elohim of Grace.

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The Power of Collective Healing

Today Tim is looking at the power of collective healing, collective energy and also thought structures. Happy Friday and keep shining!

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Lovisa Alvtorn and Tim Whild – Reuniting the Heart & Mind with Quan Yin and Your Atlantean Crystal

In this video, Tim and Lovisa are talking about Wisdom – and furthermore YOUR own unique wisdom and how important it is to bring it through at this particular time. It is time for us to step into our Power, our Sovereignty and our Mastery and TRUST in the information that we are bringing through. […]

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A Blessing from Gaia

Tim is joined by Lady Gaia, Throne Angel of Earth this morning for a blessing and some deep grounding.

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The Awakening of the Masculine

Today Tim is looking at our expectations of the Divine Masculine awakening. Please check out my conversation with Gemma Star here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl7YHbIt3oI&t=0s

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10-10 Light of Asgard Video with Lovisa Alvtorn, Doni Amoris and Tim Whild

Hello beautiful souls! We are now in the powerful 10/10/22 energy portal and bathing in the light of the Aries Full Moon! What a perfect sacred time to share with you the collaboration between myself, Lovisa Alvtorn and Doni Amoris. We have united our soul gifts to channel a free event: LIGHT OF ASGARD. This […]

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From Coal to Diamonds

Why do we struggle on the spiritual pathway? Tim looks at the transition of Earth and the pressure that we are under to achive a heart-based frequency.

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Archangel Jophiel

Tim and Archangel Jophiel are getting together this morning for a powerful heart/crown activation to kick-start your week.

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Releasing Responsibility for the Collective

Today Tim is looking at how much responsibility we have for the energy process of the people around us.

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Meditation Monday with Archangel Michael

Today Tim is being joined by Archangel Michael for a beautiful start to the new week.

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