Grounding into the Virgo Energy

Happy Monday beautiful souls…go outside for this meditation and find yourself a tree. If you haven’t got a tree at hand then just place your feet upon the floor, we are in Virgo season now and the guidance is to ground deeply.

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The Era of Self-Love

The first ten years of our transition from 3D to 5D has been defined by a tough process involving clearance, shadow work and high-frequency light integration. What do we do and what can we expect as we begin the second half of this shift?

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Lovisa Alvtörn and Tim Whild – Self Love Meditation Challenge

Beautiful Souls! In this video my dear friend Tim Whild – Practical Ascension and I speak of the importance of shifting into more Self-Love at this time. For anyone feeling called to participate, we are offering you to take part in our 21-day Self-Love Meditation Challenge, under the beautiful and infinitely loving guidance of the […]

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A Seraphim Blessing

The Seraphim are spreading their light and their love this morning in Meditation Monday!

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After the Lions Gate

We are now on the other side of an incredible Lion’s Gate and in a completely new bandwidth of energy/light. What are we going to do with this and where is it going to take us?

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Lion’s Gate Alignment

Today is the most powerful alignment on the spiritual calender as the Galactic Core aligns with Sirius and Earth…the Lions Gate. Join Tim in a heart-opening visualisation to connect into this energy and open yourself to the highest light.

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Lemuria Rising

After 260,000 years the Lemurian Civilisation is getting ready to assist with our ascension process on the ‘surface’ of our world. This is the beginning of a big era of our ascension process triggered by the incredible light of the Lions Gate.

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Adama of Telos

The Lions Gate is open and so are the Gates of Telos! Join Tim in a Monday connection to Mt Shasta as the energies begin to flow from there into the Earth Grids.

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You Will Own Everything and Be Happy

Manifestation is one of the greatest hurdles of the ascension process as we move from 3D to 5D. Everything that we focus on and bring into our consciousness becomes part of our individual and collective reality. Are we going to be told what to manifest by those that seek to keep our vibration in fear, […]

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Aligning your Third Eye to New Higher Frequencies

We are now in the Lions Gate portal and the energy peaks on the 8th August. Huge structural shifts are occuring around the world and our energy is being called to align with the new, higher light. In order to perceive and recieve at the required level Tim is using a technique to clear and […]

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