The month of the Solstice is upon us in what seems to be the blink of an eye. Where did the first part of the year go?

 More and more so we appear to be experiencing anomalies of time as large periods whip by in a blink of an eye, and we often dreamily navigate back to long-past events as if they were yesterday.

Time is no longer linear in our reality as it was in the third dimension and it passes quickly or slowly depending on where our attention is focused.

On the 29th May the planet of Mercury entered Retrograde for its second three-week stint of the year. Joining Mercury, Saturn (May 23rd – Oct 10th) and Pluto (April 27th – Oct 6th) over the course of the month will be Jupiter (June 20th to October 18th) and Mighty Neptune (June 25th to Dec 1st).

For more information on these transitions please refer to some of the amazing spiritual astrologers as to how this will be working for us. I can highly recommend Pam Gregory and Katy Keel as they are fantastic in this field.

To me these Retrograde movements mean one thing…business. The Heavens are (once again) aligning to shake up, alchemise and disintegrate the old Matrix elements that are clinging onto their vestiges of power and control.

Every day that we spend on Earth brings a vibration that is higher than the day before and a myriad of souls that were not awake previously.

This may seem like laborious and slow work to many of us, especially those that have been awake for some time. Wouldn’t it just be kinder/swifter/easier to initialise a mass wake-up in a short time? Why the slow burn?

I have asked this question many times, quite often in periods of tension or impatience. 

In 2013 I had a conversation with Diana Cooper after an event in Glastonbury and I asked “If we have all this power why don’t we use it to wake the world up quickly?”

That night Ascended Master Serapis Bey showed me a dream where I was standing in the middle of a pine forest that was burning to the floor…the flames were white hot and were spreading rapidly towards some wooden houses. In the dream I knew I was responsible.

Serapis Bey spoke simple words…he said – “Patience. Be good to the people as they have spent many lifetimes in limitation, ignorance, and servitude. In order to release this, we must tread softly to allow them the time to wake up”.

At this point I understood perfectly and to this day those words flow back in whenever I feel the urge to push harder than I am guided.

Five planets in Retrograde in combination with the Solstice indicates that the Universe is throwing the punches and we are here to heal, awaken, release, alchemise, teach, and lead. 

Although we may sometimes feel that we are not doing enough just be aware of where (and when) your heart is prompting you to action. 

This is a very powerful month in yet another incredibly powerful year and it is becoming more apparent that the higher realms are gathering in vast multitudes for the coming events. 

The Solstice is the next big step before we run towards the Lions Gate and from what I am told the month of August will mark an incredible milestone on our ascension pathway.

All is well. Everything is in hand. 

Everything that we experience, and witness has a purpose and is being divinely orchestrated with meticulous precision. 

You are exactly where you are meant to be and if you feel that you are still finding your feet then we will be here to guide and support you!

There are some fabulous events lined up for June…this is the list so far and there will be more updates on the Solstice soon!

Sending you all so much love,
Tim Whild. 

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