Tim Whild’s Spring Equinox Update

Happy Equinox everyone, wherever you are in the world ?

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Clearing and Balancing the Fifth-Dimensional Sacral

Tim gives his insights into the Sacral chakra, how we relate to each other and how to take this to the next level.

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How to Work With Stuck Energy

Join Tim for a simple description of how to identify and release stuck energy within your chakras and your bodies.

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The Naval Chakra

Tim explains how we are all interconnected and can work with this powerful ascension chakra.

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Working with Crystals and Crystal Carvings

Tim explains how to simply connect with, attune and work with your crystals

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Anchoring Your Fifth-Dimensional Base Chakra

Join Tim in activating your 5D Base chakra and calling in your Higher Self.

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The Violet Flame

Tim shares two decrees for the Violet Flame and all its higher facets.

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Tim Whild at MBS Birmingham

Diana Cooper recorded Tim talking about the Cosmic Moment and our post 2012 transition from the Mind Body Spirit Show in Birmingham 2017, UK ??

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The Halls of Amenti, The Soul Star Chakra and Storm Brian

Tim explains how to easily retrieve your Master Gifts and information from your past lives by working with your Soul Star, and the Halls of Amenti.

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The Third Ascension Awakening

A short message from Tim Whild about the third (and largest!) planetary awakening that is occurring right now. ☀️

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