The Fifth Dimensional Throat Chakra – Speaking Your Truth!

Tim covers working with your Throat chakra and using your voice to change the world ?

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The Naval Chakra and Creating the New Golden Age

Join Tim for his most up to date energy report and learn how the Naval Chakra will be guiding the next phase of our ascension process.

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Working with the 5D Heart Centre and how to discern what’s right for YOU!

Happy Imbolc! Tim is talking about working with the 5D Heart Centre today and also gives his opinion on the Doreen Virtue situation ?

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The Solar Plexus Chakra. Happy New Year!

Tim shows a simple technique to keep your Solar Plexus clear and balanced at all times ?

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The Sacral Chakra (and 11/11 Portal)

Join Tim for an 11/11 energy update and work with Archangel Gabriel to clear your 5D Sacral.

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The Fifth Dimensional Base Chakra

Join Tim and Archangel Gabriel to anchor your 5D Base and connect to your Higher Self.

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The Earth Star Chakra with Tim Whild

Join Tim for the first in a series of videos that work with our ascension chakras and look at the current energies that we are all dealing with.

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The Lions Gate 2018 with Tim Whild

Join Tim with a powerful alignment to Sirius and the Galactic Core.

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The Tube of Light (Happy Solstice!)

Join Tim for his latest energy update and a powerful activation ☀️☀️☀️

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Calling in a Global Down pouring of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame

Join Tim in anchoring this amazing energy wherever you are in the world.

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