The Power of Positive Focus with Tim Whild

Tim gives a brief summary of the current energies and also outlines how we can assist this planet with positive, mindful focus.

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Tim Whild – Facebook Live Ascension Session

Join Tim for his second Facebook Live event, including the Temple of the Inner Sun visualisation ☀️

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Tim Whild’s Energy Report and Earth Star Activation

Join Tim for an explanation on the current planetary energies and receive an Earth Star Activation ?

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The Lions Gate Portal and Lyran Stargate

Join Tim as he dodges the British weather and brings in the Lions Gate frequencies.

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Crystal Work with Tim Whild

Tim explains some simple techniques for working with crystals and programming them to work with you.

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Archangel Metatron’s Light Bath

Join Tim and Archangel Metatron with a simple but powerful visualisation to raise your Light Quotient.

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Spiritual Protection in our New Golden Age

Today Tim is talking about the concept of spiritual protection and how we can keep our light high, bright and clear at all times!

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The Causal Chakra (with Unicorns and Full Moon Energy)

Join Tim connecting to the new higher Unicorn energies and expanding the 5D Causal chakra.

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The Fifth-Dimensional Solar Plexus

Join Tim and work with your Fifth Dimensional Solar Plexus to keep your energy bright and clear at all times.

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Solstice of the Heart. 

Summer and Winter Solstice has always been events to be celebrated in cultures around the world and they have incredibly important connotations for our ascension process. These ‘halfway points’ in the Solar cycles mark the transition of the Sun to its maximum or minimum flow of light to us wherever we are located. We celebrate […]

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