Our individual and collective Light quotient has taken an incredible jump and we are approaching a constructive building phase for the ascension of Earth. Why is the quantity of Light held within our bodies and fields so important and how does it affect our reality? Tim dives into this subject this morning.

20th September Onwards – https://www.timwhild.com/events/6-month-advanced-ascension/

23rd September – LIVE-In Person Weymouth/Dorset – https://www.timwhild.com/events/soul-ascension-workshop/

29th September – https://www.timwhild.com/events/lemurian-homecoming-remember-the-gifts-of-the-motherland/

1st October – https://www.timwhild.com/events/the-return-to-unity/

7th October – LIVE – In Person – https://www.timwhild.com/events/nordic-angel-congress-2023/

12th October – David Essery and Tim Whild – https://www.timwhild.com/events/upgrading-the-ascension-nervous-system/

22nd October – LIVE – In Person – https://dianacooper.com/events/ascension-power-boost-to-the-golden-future/

2nd – 5th November LIVE – https://www.timwhild.com/events/reconnecting-to-your-atlantean-heart/ (event now SOLD OUT).

11th November – LIVE-In Person Atlantean Day at Emsworth, Hampshire – https://www.timwhild.com/events/tim-whild-is-coming-to-emsworth-for-11-11/

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