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A Fresh Start.

Happy New Year! 

In my experience the 9 year that has just passed was filled with some of the highest energies that we have encountered, and following the Solstice the vibration soared exponentially.

Every four years we go through a process of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical evolution with roughly one year dedicated to focus on any given point. The completion of this latest cycle occurred on the Winter Solstice, effectively hitting the reset button ready for the next one. What we are now entering is a completely new spectrum of energies which are very evident once the holidays finish and everything returns to normal.

My blogs are dedicated to my observations based upon my personal experience, and 2016 was definitely a year filled with experiences!

January 1st 2017 breaks down in numerology to 111. How many of you have seen this number reoccurring when you look at clocks or elsewhere? I for one see it very regularly as the the Universe gives us continuous messages as to whether we are on track or not, or to indicate the presence of Masters and Angels around us. To me it means ‘keep clear and precise’. Manifestation is a fine art based on the intention of your internal projections, and as we move gracefully into this new year our ability to create our reality increases with every new second.

When I tune into Planet Earth now I feel the shifting and changing elements of our dimensionally mixed societies, melting and merging together to raise the global vibration. This has been happening for four years now but in the Autumn months the focus of the Higher Realms was to get their job done while the energies were supportive. To simplify this, imagine pouring honey into hot water…what happens? Initially the honey diffuses adding sweetness but when the volume of honey becomes greater than the ratio of the water, the mixture becomes honey with a bit of water in it. That is exactly what is happening within and upon our planet right now. We are adding honey to existing waters and allowing the diffusion to spread rapidly. At some point very recently the diffusion hit the 50/50 mark as the Light upon this planet soared to reflect the quantity of open (fifth-dimensional) hearts covering the planet.

Millions of us have woken up and this is a magical time. It may take some shifting of focus to acknowledge this but what is happening here has never been achieved before anywhere in the Multiverse. An 18 year transition from separation to Unity under the most pressurised conditions possible and I think we have all thoroughly earned the love, light and abundance that comes from fifth-dimensional living.

Traditionally today is the day that souls will begin their New Years resolutions. These can range from small to large changes in thoughts, personal habits and lifestyles and the Universe will wholeheartedly support this. In truth, the Universe would support this at any given second as we get the chance for our ‘New Years Day’ whenever we choose it. Our reality continuously shifts and changes in response to our point of focus, and whatever we ‘order’ we receive with unconditional love from the reflections we create.

I have chosen to dedicate my year to opening as many hearts as possible. Every open or fifth-dimensional heart has the ability to light up and activate everyone else around them, dormant heart chakras being activated in their thousands by one single illuminated point of Light. Remember this and you will be doing the most powerful work for every second of your waking day, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Wishing you all a love filled, peaceful and abundant Earth year.

Love and blessings, Tim/Thoth 1-1-17

As Within So Without

One of the greatest paradoxes on our physical world is to feel the light increasing as we see the nights getting longer, and the days shorter. For many this is usually a period to rest and integrate, taking stock of the year and building on our reserves to pass smoothly through the Winter months.Energetically we are now within the most physical phase of our ascension journey. The years building up to this allowed us to find out who we really are and remove the energetic veils that have clouded our sight for so many generations. Now we can ‘see’ what do we do with this? The simple answer is we create for ourselves.

The outer world, the third-dimensional projection, is collapsing. Since the fall of Atlantis 10,000 years ago human beings have allowed themselves to participate in an experiment of social control. Regardeless of how unnatural this may sound, we experience everything in order to learn and move forward and evolve. It is safe to say that this aspect of our growth has now been fully explored. Returning to our natural state isn’t something that we are going to have to fight for, it is simply going to occur because we have collectively agreed to it.

When we focus upon a scenario within ourselves or outside of ‘our’ lives we add an immediate flow of energy to the situation. I remember having a conversation with my good friend Polaris AB a few years back with regards to this as we were discussing the rise in thought-manifestation-reality. It is safe to say now that our ability to project our thoughts into reality occurs 2000 times faster than it did before the Cosmic Moment in 2012.

If we forget for a minute about our ‘problems’ and the problems of the world and weigh that thought in, what does it tell us? The answer is that we have the ability to create a perfect future for ourselves and others with the correct point of focus.

Every single thought we think and word we speak gets projected by our advanced chakra system into the surrounding ether and returned to our reality almost instantly. When a collective reality is being projected it becomes a very powerful force for either positive or ‘negative’ purposes.

Sometimes it isn’t realistic to think thoughts of love and light constantly. Life on Earth is an accumulation of consistent challenges combined with the vast increase of Light that we absorb/integrate on a daily basis. There are a myriad of distractions to lead our attention away from the positive and emmerse our energies in denser climes.

Don’t give up. Everyone has challenges to overcome and ego to deal with, even the Masters in the higher dimensions. Just because one has ascended and left this physical plane doesn’t mean that the learning ceases. It just evolves into something much vaster.

The months leading up to the Winter Solstice are going to be about this physical life. You.

We are now residing in a physical vessel that has the abilty to alchemise reality very swiftly, and the best part is the energies that we have at our fingertips to assist with this alchemy.

As Above So Below, As Within So Without.

When situations are presented to us we are given an immediate choice to respond with either love or fear. Fear creates more fear and love creates more love. The fact of the matter is that one of these energies is vastly more powerful than the other and moves a lot faster.

Fear is constructed from a dense vibration that resonates with our old blueprint. Although that blueprint still exists within us collectively it is becoming overwhelmed by the higher, finer vibrations of Love that flows from the hearts of us all. Even on the most challenging of days we still exude the vibration of love. It is our natural essence and the most powerful force in the Universe. Remember this and return to it regardless of what is happening in the outside world. Your heart has the ability to move mountains. Use it.

Much love, Tim. 9/10/16

The Key

Full-moon eve on 15th September 2016 was filled with a fantastic lightning display. This was not your average English thunderstorm, people close to it reported the odd lack of wind and the sensation of being ‘right inside’ the field of supercharged ions that were racing around the atmosphere. Behind the clouds the moon shone with nearly full force, bringing in the Pisces/Lunar Eclipse energy for the third time in three months.

This has been a challenging but beautiful Summer for many. I think that we can all agree now that the changes we have spoken about are being actualised into reality. The stripping down of the third dimensional Earth Matrix is visible in all realities, as the collective light field is anchored and spread throughout the Gaia Web.

As Lightworkers ,Earthworkers, Leaders, Peacemakers ,Protectors and Warriors we are now being called to our posts for the third phase of this rapid transformation. The process so far has produced some very powerful souls to step forwards, shining very brightly. Archangel Metatron describes this part of our flowering as the ‘Rough Diamond’ stage…clearly precious but in the process of being polished.

Every minute of every day we polish ourselves further. This is not a process of perfection as many Lightworkers had led themselves to believe, but rather a journey of Truth and Self-acceptance. Hard, physical and emotional graft that leaves the soul gleaming but the body and mind in need of recuperation. Many of us are still learning how to allow ourselves that space to regenerate by giving self love and respite when it is appropriate.

For the next three months we will be approaching the Winter Solstice which is the biggest influx of Cosmic Light on the Earth Calendar. A new group of awakened souls will be joining us during this phase as the light levels rise. This group will have chosen this method of awakening on a soul level but will resisting it on a conscious level, rather akin to a shaken coke can with the ring pull suddenly removed. Our job as ever is to hold vision and not be distracted in any way shape or form. I know many of you are tired and the distractions are countless, but we have come this far now and our ascension process is a done deal.

Living by our hearts is the fastest way through any confusion or uncertainty. If you strip our journey down we are simply shedding what we don’t need to take from one ‘house’ to another. Nothing is more liberating than realising that you are free even if the souls still in ‘power’ think otherwise. This is true enlightenment.

The Full Moon in Pisces tonight calls upon us to be fluid, to swim like the fish in the roaring river. The fish doesn’t care how fast the current is moving as it will play within this flow while it lasts. Go outside and look at the moon in all its glory, and if there are clouds then use your heart to feel it’s power. Wherever you are and however you are feeling, stop and breathe in the Light. And remember who you truly are… for this is The Key

With Love, Tim/Thoth 15/9/16

The Lions Gate and Thereafter.

August is upon us again and with it the incredible alignment of the Lions Gate Portal. As a Leo myself I love this month, but as with most Cosmic Events it is not just a random celestial lineup for astronomers to observe.Everyone on this planet is now feeling the energy of change and not just the awakened souls. Seven point four billion people occupy Earth at this moment and more are choosing to incarnate, pushing the 5D frequencies to an inter-woven bursting point within the hearts of all.

Looking at our planet from a 3D perspective will understandably bring forth feelings of fear. How could life possibly be supporting positive change when everything seems to be going so wrong?

As the old saying goes, there is always darkness before the dawn and the sun is now starting to rise. As Lightworkers, Earthworkers or spiritual souls (the labels don’t matter) we are now called into our highest roles to enable the smooth transition of this ascension process. Wherever we are or whatever we are doing it is perfect for this point in time. There is no job too big or too insignificant for us, every single one of us is needed to shine our light in the manner that we choose.

On the Summer Solstice in 2014 I attended my first joint workshop as co-host in Glastonbury. It was a beautiful and incredibly hot day, and as I drove home I received information about the 5th dimensional chakra system. I was told that the blueprint for every soul on Earth to embody their 12 ascension chakras had been put into place, and that the higher energies were anchored to the point where we would never live in limited form again.

Since this point I have had the joy of witnessing progress and expansion that I could never have dreamt of. Soul groups from around the world joining together to empower their roles and remember who they truly are. There is not one shadow of doubt in my mind that we are now working at the level that we did in Golden Atlantis and will continue to rise in frequency with every breath that we take.

With the Lions Gate portal on the 8th of August we take another step into what is now pure creation. Our creation. Although this ascension process is fuelled and overseen by the Illumined Souls in higher dimensions, we are the driving force and it’s our responsibility to see it through as efficiently as possible.

With the opening of this Stargate comes an alignment of planets within our local Cosmos that is widening our Antahkarana bridge, and aligning our 12 chakras to receive a much higher frequency than before. The effect that this has upon our chakras is to unify them into a single column and form a Torus of energy down through our now spherical Merkabah.

The Merkabah still consists of the inter-locking pyramids (tetrahedron) but is now rotating so fast that the appearance is permanently spherical, indicating that our vibrations have anchored firmly into the ascension bandwidth.

Every one of you reading this will now be aware of (or learning) of your special places and higher connections that are fuelling your Mastery. This can range from Golden Atlantis to Ancient Khem or memories of your Star Homes that you left to assist with Earths ascension. I for one am humbly grateful for every single one of you, as you flower into a state of Enlightenment that is so natural that the last paradigm seems like a distant memory.

Wave 3 of the ascension wakeup will begin fully on the August Stargate. For us this is now another powerful downpouring of light, but for others it is going to prompt change that is no longer optional.

I consider us very blessed to have chosen our paths in the way that we have. When the Wayshowers responded to the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 we had ample time to find our niche and learn in our own time. The Sentinel Group (2012 onwards) have embodied vast knowledge and light in record time but this current wave (Wave 3) will require our full attention.

As the 5D heart opens the ego-self is forced onto its back heel in order to defend itself. This is something we are all very acquainted with, but look at it from the point of view of a soul who has never consciously acknowledged that the world they lived in was an illusion. There will be a great many of these people soon and their journey will be dictated by how much resistance they carry to the rising consciousness within themselves.

I believe the transition will be swift. Every awakened heart glowing with Light has the ability to alchemise density and create harmony around them. We have already created a smooth landing pad for the next phase and we will now be called upon to put our vast knowledge and Mastery into action.

There are many moments in physical history where we have been challenged and called upon to shine our Light, and we have done so even in the most turbulent times. This period is different because we no longer occupy a 3D space, we are in 4D rising which means that the energies are now completely on our side. There is nothing that we cannot achieve so let’s get out here and do it!

Much love, Tim

Healing and Responsibilty

img_0356.jpgOur world is changing very quickly. Upon the surface it may appear that it is hanging on to its old patterns and modalities, but within the energy structures there are massive alterations taking place.This blog is inspired by a vital question that was raised following a workshop and is intended to shed some light on a subject that can sometimes get a bit confusing.

There are 7.4 billion human souls living on Earth currently, and many more are choosing to join ready for the shift that is taking place. Despite appearances, every single one of those souls is a Master occupying their chosen learning vessel.

Whilst in the third dimension, Earth was THE place to incarnate and progress swiftly on a spiritual level. None of us are here by chance, we are here by choice or to work through the final pieces of a karmic cycle. As far as karmic cycles (or wheels) are concerned, they are coming to an end and we now function with a growing dynamic of Creation and Return.

We all have incredible power. The illusion of the third dimension was faultless in its construction…we were all convinced that we were here at the mercy of whatever power had stuck us on this planet. Limited form, limited bodies, limited connection to Source and virtually no memory of who we really are. Out of this came teams of brave souls who saw glimpses of their true form and acted upon it…the Pioneer groups were born ready to take the ancient teachings and use their growing light to transform a world that had been stuck for over 10,000 years.

During that 10,000 years many illusions had been sewn into the energy bodies of even the brightest lights. With the Cosmic Downpourings of the last four years these shadows and limitations have been brought up for full release, allowing people to reclaim their spiritual heritage and become the Masters that they are born to be.

With power comes responsibility. Upon the activation of the Naval chakra within the 12 chakra system we become (aware) of our limitless connection to All That Is. This chakra has snuck in between the Solar Plexus and the Sacral and was last active in Golden Atlantis. It physically connects us to every single sentient and non-sentient form of life within the Muti-Verse. The trees, plants, insects, animals, people, the mountains..the very fabric of Earth itself. This connection then extends throughout the other dimensions and connects to our Star Brothers and Sisters throughout SpaceTime.

As heart based beings who feel this connection so deeply, it is natural to wish to right the wrongs that we currently see before us. This is perfectly normal as we have begun to FEEL every single little thing that occurs around us.

As from September 2015 the planet moved fully into the energy structures governed by The Law of One. This law is Universal but created for the space that we live in, and when broken down is remarkably simple.






Unconditional Love

(All together…)The Law of One.

The question that was raised after my workshop was one of responsibility. Here is how it is intended to be here, and this is not a ‘fear based’ message it is simple energy dynamics that maybe have been glossed over in the past.

We are responsible for every single thought, word and action that we take here. On a system of instant karmic return we are learning to live in harmony with the planet we live on. Many of us have already accepted greater mantles of responsibility and now use our power for the greater good of those around us.

Healing others and situations is a natural progression right now. We have all needed to heal in some way and this is a deep process, it will continue for some time to come. When we recognise this, it is the first step. Acceptance.

The second step is taking action and working upon the things that have come to the surface to be healed.

The healers (by intention) have vast power. Gone are the days of limited energy flows and reduced chakra activity…this is full on. Whatever we turn our attention to becomes altered the second we focus upon it, with the Universe restructuring its vibration around us.

When we intend to heal others, it must always be with their consent. This is the Law of Responsibility. In many cases this is how it is, and the healer heals having been approached and consulted for their help.

Intending to heal others without their consent must always be done under The Law of Grace. Grace is the energy that comes straight from Source and alleviates the Law of Karma, allowing healing vibrations to flow to where they are needed.

The reason for this law is very simple. When we see another in need, what are we actually ‘seeing’. Do we view that soul as a Master in a process of learning or do we see them as in need of our pity and immediate assistance? This is all a matter of perspective.

When we send healing with the outlook of a Master we are honouring the full capacity of that soul and whatever choices they have made. We offer them Love and Grace and the flow from our heart to bolster their journey, whatever it may consist of.

With the latter, we are often just viewing them as a limited reflection of ourselves and wishing to change a scenario because it makes us feel uncomfortable. When this happens we can sometimes interfere with the choices that soul has made to progress here on Earth.

Every single living breathing being here is on their own individual journey. We are here to assist living on a planet of Free Will and with that comes the responsibility of using our power wisely as we are indeed Powerful!

Whenever sending healing to any person, place or situation always use the Law of Grace. This way the energy goes to exactly where it is needed without interfering with karmic choices that they have made. Where attention goes, energy flows, and everything happening here on Earth is part of a Divine Plan even….. if it may not appear so immediately.

Wishing you all a beautiful New Moon!

Love and blessings, Tim/Thoth 7/4/16

An Open Letter to the Sons of Belial

img_0351.jpgTo the Sons of Belial…

It’s been a long 10,000 years since we last communicated on any level. Following the fall of Atlantis planet Earth became your playground, allowing you to teach valuable lessons of Source disconnection to the souls that incarnate here.

I know that this short message will reach you in some form. The Universe commands it to be so.

Your hidden game is now over. Can you feel it?

For millennia you have twisted my teachings and other Golden Words to suit your needs. You have taken what does not belong to you. You have poisoned the Earth, the air, the water, the food and the bodies of those that you have taken temporary control of.

It has been decreed by The Law of One that this scenario has exceeded its creative potential. You can no longer sustain your deception and will burn in the enlightenment now surrounding you.

The very thing that you fear the most is upon you now. Love.

Wherever you go, I will be there.

Whoever you deceive will see your true form.

There are no longer any rocks to hide under and no holes deep enough. This smoke will not blow over.

You, the false royalties, governments and hoarders of hidden wealth will be replaced by the true Royalty that now exists on this world. We, the 144,000 are here and wide awake and many more are joining us. We are Legion.

You will be met with love, and a fire that exceeds even the memory of even the eldest among you. The Fire of Truth.

Happy Wesak.

Love, Thoth 22/4/16

Returning our Symbols to the Light

file-13-05-2015-17-05-41.jpgA post on Facebook this morning prompted me to write this brief article, as it has been a matter that is on my planetary ‘to do’ list.There are myriads of sacred symbols that have been handed down throughout countless incarnations on this planet. Most of them originate from Atlantean times as this is the first physical period that this planet was focused on as a societal structure.

The Atlantean era began just over 260,000 years ago and followed directly on from the non-physical society of Lemuria, a sixth-dimensional continent that existed in the region of where South America is today.

With physical life came the third dimension, and with the third dimension came polarity…the energetic option to follow either a path of Light or dark. This intensely difficult learning option gave us a vital lesson in how we behave when stripped of our connection to Source and our Master Selves. This long and tempestuous period is drawing to a close…change is in the air, the light, the vibrations around us and the very ground we walk upon.

Our sacred symbols are our spiritual heritage. There are myriads of them out there, all representing a special energy or era that is triggered within our Lightbodies when we view them.My example today is the ‘swastika’. This symbol of the light was revered in Atlantis as containing the projected energy of peace and unconditional love, and many souls used it as such until the wars of the 20th century.

There is no such thing as a symbol of darkness. Any single symbol that is used with the energy of intent will contain the collective intent of those who are using it. Fear was a powerful energy in the previous paradigm and it’s time to rectify this scenario and return the energy to where it belongs…in an alchemised state of Light and Love.

Last year I ran the Crystalline Codes of Atlantis with Mark Lepus in Glastonbury. These codes came through as energetic symbols associated with our 12 ascension chakras. The Codes were used by the Priesthood and higher Initiates when training to hold higher light levels. As the symbols came through to me, I was naturally surprised (at first) to see the symbol of the Atlantean Cross (swastika) come through. As I matched the symbols to the relevant chakras, I found that it harmonised with the energy of the fifth dimensional sacral. The same/sound of the symbol is En-Sol, which translates to ‘Inner Sun’ in Atlantean.

Take a look at this symbol this morning and place it within your sacral chakras…..visualise the energy as soft radiant pink, denoting the manifestation of unconditional love within all of our Earthly relations.

For more information on the Crystalline Codes, here is the link

Wishing you all love on this beautiful Thursday. Tim/Thoth 14-4-16 ?

The Defining of our Dimensions 

img_0349.jpgToday marks a day of incredible change on our planet. Sunday 27th March is celebrated as Easter Sunday in some parts of the West, and there has been considerably more occurring than meets the eye.Can you feel a change in the intensity?

Since the Cosmic moment in 2012 we have been existing in several different dimensional spaces during the course of our days. Wherever our attention flows our vibration follows and it has created an incredible mish-mash of frequencies to attend to. This was a necessary window to enable us to pinpoint our focus, and to bring us up to speed in our manifestation. The second we now think something it triggers within our emotional field, and is then printed into the biosphere of our reality.

This process took much longer to occur in the third dimension and I am sure you can recall the old process of ‘putting your order in with the Universe’. The Universe now responds instantly with the reflection of what we have put out there.

Today the Christ Consciousness anchored into our space with a permanent frequency, integrating with our higher hearts.

This is creating is a ‘no return’ for those of us who have chosen to follow the call of Spirit and assist with the ascension process here.

I remember reading an article channeled by Archangel Michael not so long ago..he was stating something that we all felt by describing how our physical selves occupy up to four dimensional spaces in one ‘normal’ day.

The third is the dimension we have just left behind. It still exists and we choose to occupy it by allowing old programming and patterns to repeat in our lives. Even though Earth is now fourth-dimensional, the souls still waiting for enlightenment keep this collective vibration active.

The fourth dimension is our ‘stop-gap’ between here and fifth….our training ground for Mastery. This is why it is such hard work…we are learning how to Master our lives again.

Fifth is our target and most of us achieve and maintain this during our day. The ascension process is now so well established that the only thing keeping people on the doorstep is their failing to acknowledge their own magnificence. This is changing fast.

The sixth dimension is essentially non-physical. If you are sixth-dimensional you vibrate at a frequency of pure, conscious light. This light can take any form and be any place that it chooses. Many of us are in many places at once as we send our intention out via this conscious light, and manifest our Selves at our chosen destination. This is mostly done on a semi-conscious level as we are preoccupied with our everyday lives, but as we grow in our abilities to manage SpaceTime we will do so with intention.

This is now a phase where we need to focus very clearly on holding higher light and space for those around us. The dimensions that we live in are becoming more clearly defined, as the Higher Earth Matrix takes another step up and solidifies at a fifth dimensional frequency. Those who are resisting this step of soul evolution will be presented with a choice as to which space they are to occupy. To stay in third and continue learning…or to step into the higher vibrations that are our natural state of Being. Let’s make sure that there is always enough love around for everyone, regardless of where their journey is leading them.

Love and blessings, Tim/Thoth 27/3/16

The Spring Equinox Window

img_0333.jpgAs you read this our energies reside in a very important window of energy. Some of us are experiencing a high level of physical symptoms to accompany the deluge of ascension energies that are coming to Earth.The first to receive and integrate these energies are the Pioneer Groups who are already awake, and have been for varying lengths of time. It’s our job to anchor and distribute this stuff and it’s not always an easy task.

The third wave of illuminated consciousness is now flowering within the hearts of a new soul group. This group have just received the first energies that will guide them to heart-based living, leaving the ego behind. The evidence is becoming highly visible in the changes that are being made to the societal constructions of the previous paradigm.

Once the Equinox is reached on the 19th March, we will notice a settling of the current energies. Those working hard for the transformation of this planet are really starting to step into their higher roles, and are receiving incredible guidance and information. All is exactly as it should be.

The more diligent our focus, the more efficiently this process runs. This is a team effort co-ordinated by the Higher Realms and executed by us on the ground. While this window of Light remains open it is incredibly important to remain focused on exactly what we wish to create and avoid distractions.

In 2008 the statistics for ascension (as given to me via AA Michael) was six billion souls. Why stop at six though?….there are currently seven point four billion people here on this world. This is not an ‘exclusive’ process, we will ascend.

As a soul group we have been preparing for this event since the dawn of Lemuria, and the point of transition has been fitted neatly into an eighteen year window. This window is currently filled with an incredible mixture of dimensional spaces, frequencies, distortions and energies. Very soon things will begin to look very much more like home.

Keep your light high, your frequency clear and your manifestation sharp. Whatever you wish for you will receive…so make sure it’s shiny for you and for everyone else. And most importantly, enjoy this period. Ascension is only made challenging when we reject the challenges that we have created for ourselves.

Much love to you all.

Tim/Thoth 10/3/16

The March Portal

img_0312.jpgIt’s the first day of a truly beautiful month in England, or anywhere else for that matter. March 2015 was one of the most significant windows in our previous year, and this one is going to be even bigger.

Many people hold their breathe and ‘wait for impact’ when we speak of these shifts, but I refer now of brighter and easier times.

Since the Cosmic Moment we can clearly see patterns to our movement from 3D to 4D. Following 21/12/12 there was a period of recalibration where our Pioneer Soul Groups shifted their emotional and mental baggage. Personally and collectively this period was used to anchor the first waves of light, the 12 ascension chakras and establish our higher bounderies.  I regard it as the First Wave.

The Second Wave started on January 1st 2015 with the opening of the Lyran Stargate. This is when the real movement started with the recalibration of the entire planetary Matrix, an event which reached even the densest layers of the 3D collective. By the time we reached the final Blood Moon on the 28th September another 10% of the planet had awoken, and this opened the gateway for another two months of deep clearing.

Wave Three is about to begin as a physical reality. This period will see a further harmonising or balancing of the planetary dynamics, and may continue for some time.

Everyone’s experience of these energies is different as our ascension process is a deeply personal journey. It is a very individual mission with a unified goal, and has taken many thousands of years to prepare and plan for.

One thing that can be sure and certain is that we now have the choice to live as we are intended…. focused upon love within every thought, word and deed. As we rise in frequency the actions of those disconnected from Source become less important. The fifth dimension is a frequency rather than a ‘new place’ and the blending of the vibrations between third, fourth and fifth will allow the gentle opening of closed hearts in a manner that will surprise many.

Expect change because change is upon us. The March portal runs between the Solar Eclipse on the 8/9th and will continue until the Spring Equinox on the 19th. During this time the harmonising of upper dynamics will become a priority as Gaia rises in frequency beneath the soles of our feet.

During this time our Earth Star chakras will be uploading information from Hollow Earth into our Lightbodies, and our Stellar Gateway chakras (18 inches above our heads) will be receiving expansive information from the Great Central Sun. We are balanced now between these flows of energy whilst holding the highest light for those around us.

I am setting my intention to enjoy this period of time. The days move so fast now that it is easy to miss just how brightly everything around us is glowing…take the time to watch as it begins to glow even more. The fifth dimension is  a life choice that we are making every day, and the example is spreading to many others. Wave Three will be filled with joy if we choose it to be.
Much love, Tim/Thoth 1/3/16 ?

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