New Year Invocation

Today is the beginning of a new decade, a new seven-year cycle and Master Builder Year 2020 (22). There are many exciting changes that we are going to be witnessing but all transformation begins from within. Our vibration will be setting the tone and leading the way! This is a visualisation to set your energies […]

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Painbody Release Meditation

Since the Cosmic Moment we have done an incredible amount of personal and planetary work to shift the old ‘3D’ patterns and move into a higher frequency. The baggage and the blueprints of the previous era cannot be brought with us, and the emphasis is now on releasing the hidden aspects of the etheric bodies. […]

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Activating your fifth dimensional heart centre

Blessings for the first day of the month! The last week has seen a lot of intense activity with high frequency energies coming in. Here is a simple invocation to open and activate your fifth dimensional heart centre. Visualisation to Activate the Fifth Dimensional Heart Chakra Relax, and prepare for meditation. Light a candle and […]

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Breaking the Program

Many of you will be very aware of the lull in the energetics at the moment. We have just passed the Equinox period and are either heading towards the Winter or the Spring Solstice (depending on which half of the planet you live). Apart from the odd ‘blip’ the Schumann Resonance is like a millpond […]

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Solstice of the Heart. 

Summer and Winter Solstice has always been events to be celebrated in cultures around the world and they have incredibly important connotations for our ascension process. These ‘halfway points’ in the Solar cycles mark the transition of the Sun to its maximum or minimum flow of light to us wherever we are located. We celebrate […]

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Living Your Dream

When the atmosphere clears itself after periods of intense weather, so do we.According to the Mayans the 24th May 2017 was a date with incredible energetic potential, opening doors within our consciousness that have been unavailable until now.  The raising of the planetary vibration is not a random event. It is a carefully planned and […]

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A Fresh Start.

Happy New Year!  In my experience the 9 year that has just passed was filled with some of the highest energies that we have encountered, and following the Solstice the vibration soared exponentially. Every four years we go through a process of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical evolution with roughly one year dedicated to focus […]

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As Within So Without

One of the greatest paradoxes on our physical world is to feel the light increasing as we see the nights getting longer, and the days shorter. For many this is usually a period to rest and integrate, taking stock of the year and building on our reserves to pass smoothly through the Winter months.Energetically we […]

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The Key

Full-moon eve on 15th September 2016 was filled with a fantastic lightning display. This was not your average English thunderstorm, people close to it reported the odd lack of wind and the sensation of being ‘right inside’ the field of supercharged ions that were racing around the atmosphere. Behind the clouds the moon shone with […]

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The Lions Gate and Thereafter.

August is upon us again and with it the incredible alignment of the Lions Gate Portal. As a Leo myself I love this month, but as with most Cosmic Events it is not just a random celestial lineup for astronomers to observe.Everyone on this planet is now feeling the energy of change and not just […]

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