The Summer Solstice Window.

The first half of the year is complete and the longest day is upon us. At 12.04 am last night (British time), the moon opened a vast light download that is reflected directly from the core of the Great Central Sun. These are the Light Codes of Metatron (Sun) representing the Divine Masculine, and Shekinah […]

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The Lyran Stargate and the Great Crystal

The Lyran Stargate and the Great Crystal. Our beautiful Earth has changed again, and so have we. The buildup of recent energies have triggered the disintegration of the ancient shadows that orchestrated the fall of Atlantis. Power that was misused has been returned, at long last, to the Great Crystal to be redistributed to those […]

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Soul Mission Decree

It’s a good time for decrees! With the current Retrograde set-up everything we are sending out into the Universe is being amplified massively. Although these periods can feel very challenging, Mars in Scorpio (moving backwards) is here to help us. The faster we leave our old skins by the shore the cleaner we leave the […]

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Healing and Responsibilty

Our world is changing very quickly. Upon the surface it may appear that it is hanging on to its old patterns and modalities, but within the energy structures there are massive alterations taking place.This blog is inspired by a vital question that was raised following a workshop and is intended to shed some light on […]

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An Open Letter to the Sons of Belial

To the Sons of Belial… It’s been a long 10,000 years since we last communicated on any level. Following the fall of Atlantis planet Earth became your playground, allowing you to teach valuable lessons of Source disconnection to the souls that incarnate here. I know that this short message will reach you in some form. […]

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Returning our Symbols to the Light

A post on Facebook this morning prompted me to write this brief article, as it has been a matter that is on my planetary ‘to do’ list.There are myriads of sacred symbols that have been handed down throughout countless incarnations on this planet. Most of them originate from Atlantean times as this is the first […]

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The Defining of our Dimensions 

Today marks a day of incredible change on our planet. Sunday 27th March is celebrated as Easter Sunday in some parts of the West, and there has been considerably more occurring than meets the eye.Can you feel a change in the intensity? Since the Cosmic moment in 2012 we have been existing in several different […]

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The Spring Equinox Window

As you read this our energies reside in a very important window of energy. Some of us are experiencing a high level of physical symptoms to accompany the deluge of ascension energies that are coming to Earth.The first to receive and integrate these energies are the Pioneer Groups who are already awake, and have been […]

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The March Portal

It’s the first day of a truly beautiful month in England, or anywhere else for that matter. March 2015 was one of the most significant windows in our previous year, and this one is going to be even bigger. Many people hold their breathe and ‘wait for impact’ when we speak of these shifts, but […]

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Loving Your Emotional Self

As we approach the Full Moon on the 22nd of Feb 2016, we are experiencing an amplification of frequencies that we have never experienced before.Those of you that have read my work on Golden Atlantis will know that I see it as a blueprint for our ascension process. The 1500 years that we spent living […]

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