The Aquarian Ascension Pool. August SuperLight…

The Lunar Ascension PoolIn Atlantean times, during the Golden Era that spanned 1500 years at a Fifth Dimensional frequency, the Priesthood, The Alta and high level initiates used to regularly add their energies together to create a pool that could then regularly be used whenever it was needed. A perfect example of this is the […]

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September, and the Return of the Law of One

September is a month filled with a huge sense of expectancy. Many spiritual forcasts, and circles of knowledge are indicating that it is another illuminated marker in this ascension process. We have had wave after wave of high frequency changes applied to our planet since the Cosmic Moment, so what can we expect? The human […]

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Today is my 43rd year in this current incarnation cycle, and its a day to express some deep gratitude.Not only is my birthday falling on a new moon, but that new moon falls just as I am writing this. Set-ups like this only occur in ones chart when deep physical/energetic shifts are about to occur…and […]

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Thoth and Anubis's Guide for Golden Age Employers

 We have all gracefully stepped into the Golden Age of Aquarius with our hearts wide open, and our Retrograde Suits on. Since the dawning of the Cosmic Moment, the Children of the Light have been feeling increasingly challenged by the movement of 3d to 5d. Cleansing, DNA/Lightbody upgrades are now a facet of everyday life. […]

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Boosting Your Light Quotient

There is a massive amount of focus and intent building for the coming 8/8/8 Portal. This neatly precedes the Law of One shift in September…and amongst the genuine information is a considerable amount of distraction. This simply serves us to focus on the resonance of the Heart, which is now taking over from the ego. […]

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The Great Shift

We have made vast movement in spiritual terms since the Cosmic Moment in 2012.Three intensive years of physical, mental and emotional clearance leading to the rapid expansion of the Crystalline Light Body, or Merkabah. So many are finding their path, and their soul groups with whom to expand, and standing forth to take their place […]

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The Calling of the Sacral

This is not my usual kind of discourse, but as my job expands, I feel that it is my privilege to share my observations on the current flows. As my good friend Paul (Polaris AB) quoted over a year ago…’All that is ridged, shall be shaken’ Who’s feeling shaken then? We are now the first […]

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The Fifth Dimensional Chakra Upgrades

Updating of the Fifth Dimensional Chakra System At the Cosmic Moment 21/12/12, our energy systems changed forever, preparing us for imminent ascension. The first thing that occurred was a massive increase in our capacity to hold light within our four body system. Almost instantly, our auras, our Merkabah system expanded greatly, in preparation for the […]

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November Light Flow

Something is stirring. A deeper and more intense pocket of personal activation that is pushing the boundaries of this reality and the next one. It appears that we have a variety of dimensional spectrums to take our pick from in our everyday existance, as the celestial wattage is turned up to a healthy 10. We […]

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Raising the Light of Golden Atlantis

Golden Atlantis exists in the hearts of the majority of souls on this planet. 20,000 years ago, this beautiful and integral part of Earths history sunk in physical for the final time, placing Earth in the third dimension. It is now time to bring this fifth dimensional energy back into our realities. As we move […]

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