Rise of the Black Dragon Elementals

We share our ascending realm with a vast array of beautiful, dedicated Elemental beings. These forms of conscious life occupy a vibratory structure that is higher than ours at present. This makes our dimension, and their dimension, a tangible layer away from what we perceive as ‘reality’. The closest to us all, by far, are […]

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Nurturing our New Paradigm

Nurturing our new Paradigm. We are so close now. Tangibly close. The energetic reality that has held our third dimensional reality together for the last 20,000 years is being swept away by the winds of vast Cosmic change. In every single one of our personal spheres of reality, more continues to surface, clearing the emotional […]

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Defining Your Reality

Just stop for a few moments, and take a couple of deep breaths… What thoughts are prominent? What programs are you running? Planet Earth is running its own set of programs, and we the viewers, are flicking from channel to channel. On the first Equinox of this year, 21/6/14, the entire energy structure shifted to […]

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Alchemising the Collective

We are reaching a very interesting peak in the current transitions, and as I write this, the last day of August opens with another huge inflow of Light. So much is expressed, and written, about the feelings of inertia or ‘stuck ness’ amongst those tuned into the planetary energies. Most of us, as an act […]

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August, and Everything After.

We are now in the third week of August 2014, and settling into the new waves of energy that merge with our sphere of reality. The full moon that occurred on the 10th broke new barriers of intensity. Combined with the Lions Gate, the Diamond Merkabah Activation, and the harvesting of the Aquarian Ascension pool, […]

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Lightworkers and Abundance

Completely diverging away from our impending Lunar goodies, and Cardinal Grand Cross to follow, here is a little more from me on the subject of abundance and our new dimension. Last October, after witnessing those around me struggling with their financial inflow, I created a Huna Prayer for abundance. Abundance manifests in physical in many […]

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The Next Phase

O, Children of The Morning Sun, upon this new day, gaze to the East. The fires of Maat, the Wave of Helios is now upon us, and the new world dawns. The Cardinal Cross, the stargate of the Christ Consciousness, opens to allow the anchoring of Higher Love to become the reality for all upon […]

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It’s been a while since I have written a post, and the New Moon is a perfect time to tap back in again. The energies are incredible at present, you only have to communicate with like minded souls to receive a reflection of this.. Wave after wave of high frequency energy is washing over the […]

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Happy New Year

2013 is now behind us on the planetary timeline, and wow, what a year. For those aligned to a spiritual path, and aware of the happenings here on Earth, I don’t feel that the knowledge has actually made the process any easier. Apart from a brief lull at the start, the entire year was dedicated […]

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Amongst the information, emotional upheaval, laughing, crying, intensity, periods of activity/inactivity and global change, lies a glowing, diamond heart. This heart contains the energy that everyone on this planet is evolving towards, massively, unrelentingly, either consciously or unconsciously, and lies at the root of every sentient being living in and on this plane of existance. […]

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